La piccola Dely

The taste of the almonds mixed with the basil was bursting in my mouth. The first thought reaching my mind was: “It seemed years I haven’t had a such good Pasta al pesto”. What else can an Italian ask?
This Italian paradise called ‘La piccola Dely’ is hidden in the middle of Maida Vale area, in the little Lauderdale Road. The words ‘The art of fine italian food’, written on the curtain, suddenly caught my attention like a small oasis in the desert for a thirsty traveller .

The place is a little restaurant, transformed also in a takeaway, with made-at-the-moment sandwich and in a Italian style food specialities.

The sandwiches are very good, the vast variety of salami and cold pork meat is unbelievable. If you add also the possibility to insert in your sandwich also one or more cheese type, chosen between 15 types, you have a small idea of what ‘La piccola Dely’ can offer.
My choice was an Italian classic: Milan ham and mozzarella cheese. It was the first time after my departure from Italy I tasted some goods that didn’t seem prefabricated.

Despite that, the best the restaurant can offer is undoubtedly the choice of pastas. Pasta al pesto (almond, basil and olive oil sauce), Parmigiana (pasta with tomato, mozzarella cheese and aubergines), lasagne (thin extended pasta with tomato sauce and beef minced meat): the best of hundreds years of Italian food tradition just for your palate. They are all made at about 11 by the two Italian owners in the premises, nothing recycled or conserved from the day before. Also the prices are quite affordable: I’ve paid my pasta al pesto, my sandwich and a bottle of water 13 pounds. It’s often less than you will pay in any other take-away restaurant.

I wonder why they don’t change all this successful business in a full-time restaurant, because their way of cooking is very precise: nothing seems to be overcooked and the pasta is every time well-cooked. This is, at the same time, their good and bad point, especially with the pasta. If not taken after the usual lunch hour it starts to be less fresh and lose a little bit of its initial taste. The creation of a real restaurant, with the goodies prepared on the moment for the clients would for sure resolve this problem, making also latecomer hungry ones taste the recipes at their full potentiality. Everyone deserves it.

It’s also possible to bring some Italian flavour home, with the wide choice among the best
Italian food brands: Barilla pasta, Mutti tomato sauces, Motta pandoro, just to remember some.
The venue has a classical style: outside it’s possible to sit on the raised platform with a few tables and chairs rococo stylised, enjoying this beautiful late March sun London is giving us. Spotting the beauty of the flowering surroundings of Lauderdale road while tasting some healthy Italian cuisine is very enjoyable. Especially for everyone who are tired of Fish and Chips or other fried junk food the English cuisine can offer.

I’ve taken my meal in the first afternoon of a sunny day: there wouldn’t be a best way to forget the stress of long morning of work.



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