psychoanalysis involved in sport choice: basis

Basic psychology. Can be found everywhere, everyone sometimes tender to transform to a new Sigmund Freud, trying to psychoanalyze us. Maybe we don’t understand the exact moment, but It happens often, it will be clearer with few examples: what is doing your friends when they talk to you in particular emotional moments of your life (e.g when your love story finish, when you ask them for important decisions, when you again fall in love)? Yeah, also that is psychoanalysis.

So, why a rookie like me can’t do the same with the choice of a sport? That’s pretty simple actually.

First of all we have the most general distinction, based on a decision that carry with it clear meanings: group sports or individual sports? You would say: I choose my sport because I like it or I have physical elements that will allow me to achieve better results. I’m tall: I will do basketball/volleyball, I’m ‘flexible’: artistic gymnastic is for you…and so on. Right, but it’s also deeply influenced by your mentality.

Is common thinking that a person choose a group sport because is more friendly or able to deal with a group of individuals. Individual sport chooser are identified by the mass as ambitious people who care only for their own. I think that’s not the right point to see, but the general thesis is right: in group sports the athlete should sometimes adapt his capacity for the group benefits, this means sometimes that the singular will never ‘shine’ between the companions. Luckily this usually happens  more often in minor leagues.

When a person  decide to compete in an individual sport is sometimes because he want to base his performance only on his own skills. Most of the fighter start to fight because deeply inside they know in a short time they will be alone on a ring to fight against their opponent conviction. Truly more stressful, because in the end if you lose, there is only one to blame for. In a group match, except if you do an awful performance or are a loose cannon, you will hardly be the scapegoat.

The other face of the medal is the winning, I’ve been on different sports, both individual’s or group’s and I can tell you that when you win and you know it was only because of you, it’s a wonderful taste. Don’t want to diminish the beauty of winning, but when you have to share with others the amazing feeling of thinking inside: “I’ve made it”.

Sometimes is a matter of what is just before the match: Training. Train with others means share the same workout and for someone that’s better, because of having an example of how the exercise should be done on your side. Sometimes this means instead the total impossibility of change your training to improve your lack points, a fundamental aspect in individual sports, because what you lack, will be fulfilled by another team companion.

I think the general meaning is pretty easy to understand, every choice, as the life itself, have pros and minus. I just wanted to let you think about the mental operation that are hidden into the decision of your sport.

See, It’s not based only on your physical conditions or characteristics!



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