You can never forget your first english film

Someone told that the first film you had ever seen is the one that will remain unforgettable. Can we say the same for the first film in a new language?
In this cold saturday of the first March day, I moved to Notting Hill to discover it. Destination: the first cinema I was able to found to see the film ‘The adjustment Bureau’, the movie I was thinking about from a couple of day. Intriguing trailer, in which the story is totally not foreseen. These kind of trailers are my favourite, sometimes hiding real masterpiece. If we add a captivating phrase from it: ‘Where Bourne meet Inception’, we have all the elements to capture the audience attention.

Maybe not the perfect choice for the first English spoken film of my life: a simple story, taken from everyday life, a romantic one, an adventure would be better understandable.

First of all, a mention made by a nationalistic hearted italian: It was very amazing and at the same time touching experience see a trailer before the film start of the new Silvio Muccino film, totally in italian with few english subtitles. Are we really conquering the english and worldwide audience with our best director’s films?

The Adjustment Bureau is, like the two big movie he should mix, a visionary story. Most of the answer you search during the film are not fulfilled and in the end your head buzzles with question or clarification about the supernatural entity who move the thread of the story: the Adjustment Bureau.

Matt Damon is a young politician, ambitious and on the edge of his career. Then a young dancer, Emily Blunt, enter in his life, after a kiss in the male bathroom, in which the girl was hiding after a failed wedding crashing. That’s traditional, right? So let’s create something that move this movie from the classic love story to something more intriguing: a Bureau of Almost-God who seems to guide us in everyday life in order to prevent our self-destruction.

For some reason who will be explained better into the movie, the Bureau don’t allow the relationship between the two, so all the film will be based on Damon trial’s of get rid of his supernatural marionette thread. To create his own ‘plan’.

I think the scene are well-developed and the film keep interest until the end, but It’s clear that the interest is based on our will to know everything about the Bureau, especially because their member seem to have superpower, such as moving thing, read mind and travelling on space. All the Superhero films has taught us that the over-human is a calamity for the attention, we always want to follow what is beyond our knowledge.

The sequence just before the end can be summarized in a word: Run! In fact the two character will run for more than 10 minutes in front of our eyes, passing through the system of teleporting doors, used by The Bureau member to follow our moves rapidly in big cities, to escape from the same members who want to divide them. That’s lovely!

The end is the total win of sentimentalists ideas but this is what we want to see in every love story that can be called like this, right? What is really enjoyable is the middle, a continuous ascending climax in which scene after scene the jigsaw is composed and our thirst of knowledge is slowly fulfilled.

“Maybe one day, they (The Bureau) will leave us and we will be able to choose our destiny,” is the film ending typically inspiring phrase. Well actually we can and if you want a suggestion about how to spend the night, choose to see the movie. You won’t remain unsatisfied.



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