The friendly webscanner for low cost flights

“I need to book a flight, What is the website with the cheapest offer?”

How many time we have thought this when arrive the time to plan a holiday? With thousands of low-cost website into the internet jungle, it’s very easy to get struck or at least a little bit confused.

Here comes at our help the website:

Skyscanner, as the name suggest, is a radar between the many low-cost and last-minute online airline offers. It allows us to find the cheapest flight to the destination we insert into the research box. It’s permitted also an advanced research function: we can insert a range of hours, day or week we would prefer to fly. The function is of course available also during the arrival airport research.

The range of airport to choose between is infinite: all the world countries are available, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. There is also the possibility to search in 20 language and in 64 currencies.

So, the website database is huge: the number of airlines overcomes 600, with more than 670.000 routes. This let the research be at the same time wide and specific and makes sure to find the real cheapest flight available online for our destination.

What makes Skyscanner different from its rivals low-cost research websites, such as Edreams ( or Expedia (

The answer can is fairly explained into the website presentation: “1) We want to show to people the best offers possible, 2) We want people to examine these prices in an easy and versatile way, 3) If we don’t have the price for one airlines, we declare it clearly, in order to let customers choose the best alternative, 4) When we redirect the users to an airline’s or a travel agency’s website, we try to send instantly all the information inserted by him during his research, in order to make the operation quicker.

Another good aspect, compared to the other website, is that Skyscanner won’t never charge you anything for the service. Usually other websites charge users the 5 % of the flight total price, while the role of Skyscanner is just the one of a good friend who gives you an advice.

The website potentiality are not only developed into the low-cost flight research, but also in all the other elements which should be arranged for a holiday, like the hotel or the auto rented. Also into this categories, the choice is very wide, with thousands of accommodations and cars selected for every taste.

The website seems only a bit confusing in the search result pages. It results practically impossible to arrange the different choices in order of hours of departure or arrive. This operation is available only before the research.

Despite of that Skyscanner remains the best choice for the holiday planners every time in search of the best deals to travel.



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