The “not only commercial” gym

Three weeks are passed after my moving from Italy to England to study Journalism. The worst thing in this is the impossibility to train in Brazilian Jiu jitsu, my beloved sport, because the master busy horaries and assignments don’t allow me. The only alternative has been a normal gym near my street: The Jubilee sport center.

It is located at the end of Shirland Road, into the Maida Hill district of Westminster, London.

Like many other big gym it contains different sport leisure: a big swimming pool, a fully packed gym machine zone and an enormous sport hall in which different fitness activities are held. To tell someones: Circuits, the modern Rebook Core Training (using the Balance Board merchandised by the Reebook), Pilates, Legs Bums & Tums.

With this description, it can be similar as the other thousands gym that all over the world give fitness to their customer. What has taken so much my attention to write an article about it? I forgot to say that the gym owner is not the normal private or commercial association, likely only to take money from their customer while they try to lose weight.

The head of the Jubilee, and also other twenty gyms in the capital, is a health association: “The Nuffield Health“. The N. H. is active not only into the fitness world, but has also raised up many private hospitals that help everyday to cure illnesses and to practise doctors with experimental surgery techniques. These techniques can be called “The Health of the future”.

So, they worries not only for your fitness while you are training into the gym, but also everything we should be cautious after it, but often don’t know anything about it: nutrition principles, hydration rules, right planning of training hours.

A Nuffield Health expert is every time available into the gym Studio for everyone who need advices on how obtain the best results with the right nutrition and a good training.

At the entrance of the machine gym room you can read : “The best way to start a new year is to set a goal. Like run 100 miles in 20 minutes or half an hour more into the swimming pool. The objective must be realistic, in order not to give up on it. We know you can do it and we will help you throughout the process of the goal realisation”. Well, that’s not a commercial gym speech, that’s a friend one!

My only hope is that they will add some news fighting/ martial arts classes, in order to fulfil the needs of the other fighters, who don’t want to go to Kilburn High road everyday (The street home of the Roger Gracie Academy and of many other Boxing/Kickboxing academy).



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