the functional training


The evolution of training

Training has been every time an important aspect into the life of an athlete, helping him increase his performances and achieve a big number of competition positive results.

What I want to shed a light on is a new development of training, that come to the real motherland of Fitness, the USA, in which everyday the technology is used to create more strengthening session in less time: Pilates and Circuits Training born here. I’m talking about the world renowned Functional Training, despite of the fact that, being a training method used most by competitors, it can be unknown to amateurs.

The origin of the Functional training is still a mystery, probably is the result of gym training session seen in different part of the world, that after has been united in a unique discipline. It has become famous in the last five years in America between professional athletes, because it involves a series of circuits of different exercises, all based on the use of barbell weights mixed with a low timing execution. This particular helps a lot also to improve the breathing rhythm, a fundamental aspect in every high fatigue level sport, such as the fighting ones.

The number of exercises that can be designed for a functional training sessions are thousands, but the most used consist in swing movements of arms with a particular tool designed especially for the sport, that helps to “swing correctly”: the Kettlebell. It is a heavy cannon ball on which in inserted, in the upper part, a circular pommel, used to move it. It is more safe and more manageable into this exercises than the normal gym tools. Other exercises that don’t include the use of the kettlebells, can be push-ups, jumps, squats, abdominals or workout with the fitball to give few examples.

The workout has obtained the international fame after been used for training MMA athletes, the fighting sport who has become the most followed between the fighting ones last year. MMA means “mixed martial art”, and as its name suggests, is a mix of different martial arts and not (it takes some moves also from kick boxing and boxing) applied during a fight into a cage ring, that’s the reason why it is also called “Cage fighting”. Some of the martial arts used into an MMA match include muay thay, Brazilian Jiu jitsu, krav maga, sambo and judo.

The international competition in which every MMA fighter compete is the UFC (Ultimate fighting championship). More details or statistics about each competitor way of fighting; match results and news are updated live into the UFC website
Paolo Girone, Italian trainer who created the W.C.R.A sport association, has exercised many important athletes for international Brazilian jiu jitsu, MMA and Kick boxing competitions. He regularly uses the functional training as a key workout for his colts, into the two gyms in which he works in Bari, Italy.

He seems to really appreciate the method: “the result, talking about performances, is an immediate increase of strength and power. The possibility to train the total “kinetic chain” of complex movements, instead of the traditional movements mono articular of body-building, allow also to reduce the weight on the single muscle joint. This aspect makes the functional training be healthier and safer for our body and also more useful in results.

Another advantage is about the motor education, intended as muscle growth and coordination in the same time, ” explained Mr Girone about the basic relevance of the training.

The Functional training is not useful for professional fighter or athletes, who have years of experience in competitions, is also a formative for a beginner into the fighting field, as the same Paolo explains. “Another possible application of this ‘performative training’ is as a preparatory warm-out, with a conscious adaptation by the trainer to the practised discipline” he confirmed.



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